Costly lawn care mistakes

Costly Lawn Care Surrey Mistakes

You would be surprised by how much people spend these days on their lawn and gardens. A lot of money and time has been invested every season to make sure people’s lawn grow lush and green. However, sometimes the tactics used to beautify one’s lawn often goes overlooked. See, many people use different techniques and strategies when it comes to taking care of their lawns. However, using the incorrect techniques and strategies can prove to be costly down the road.

The Wrong Way to Water your Lawn

Grass need water to survive, much like humans do as well. But, too much water and you may be harming the growth of your grass. When grass gets too much water, your actually taking away the nutrients from it’s soil. When you take away the nutrient’s your inhibiting the proper growth of the grass. Then, what your left with is a huge mess on your yard. All that hard work for nothing. The best practice when watering your grass is to do it about 10 minutes everyday during the growing season (March-November).

Scalping the Lawn

If you’re like most people, you probably like to get your grass cut as short as possible every time you go out there and mow it. Lawn care Surrey professionals reveal that mowing your lawn too short will leave your grass vulnerable to some problems. These include weed infestations and nasty bugs that could destroy your lawn. People wonder why there are so many weeds growing in their grass all the time. They fail to realize that a good preventative measure to stop weed growth is to adjust the height in which you mow your lawn. You should not be taking out more than 2-2.5inches of the grass blades whenever you mow the lawn.

Delicate Soil

The right type of soil can benefit your lawn tremendously. Proper soil can help boost the root growth of your grass. Lawn care Surrey experts say that having a soil with a pH of around 6 is the best. Once you know the pH level of your lawn, you can then find the appropriate fertilizers that will go hand in hand with making your lawn thrive. Make sure to test the soil before applying fertilizer.

Wrong Fertilizer

Just as the heading implies, using the wrong fertilizer is like putting gas in a diesel truck. You just don’t do it. People sometimes mistake putting grass seeds instead of fertilizer. The best way to tell the difference is that fertilizer looks like small ball granules. The critical time to apply fertilizer is in the Spring and Fall. Once applied, water daily.

Plan a Course of Action

Don’t be like everyone else that just wings their lawn care plan without even thinking about it. Sit down, write it out, and it will pay you back at the end of the season by giving you the most gorgeous lawn in your neighborhood. Don’t you want your neighbors complimenting you on your hard work? Of course you do. So get up, get going, and do it now. You won’t regret it.


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